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Requests and Invitations

City of Waterloo crest and councillors posing for a group shot

The City of Waterloo is happy to assist you to invite a member of city council to attend an event or to request congratulatory certificates or city pins.

Inviting a councillor

If you would like to invite the mayor and/or a city councillor to your event, please fill out this form.

We will contact you to confirm attendance or extend regrets.

Requesting a certificate

We provide congratulatory certificates to individuals, groups, businesses and other organizations in Waterloo to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, milestone occasions, official openings and other special honours.

If you would like to request a certificate, please fill out this form.

These certificates are not civic endorsements. We do not make proclamations.

Requesting city pins

If your charitable organization, agency or sports team would like to hand out city pins at an upcoming meeting, event or tournament, please send your request through email and include your name, your organization, contact details and reason requesting pins.

Submitting requests

Please submit all requests using the electronic forms on this page. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the mayor and councillors' office, on the third floor of City Hall.

Waterloo City Hall

100 Regina St. S.
P.O. Box 337, Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON. N2J 4A8
Phone: 519-747-8700
Fax: 519-747-8500