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2015-2018 Strategic Plan

The City of Waterloo embarks on a new strategic plan every four years to coincide with each council term. The strategic plan identifies the most important priorities for the city and outlines the actions necessary to reach those goals. Our business plans translate those goals to the departmental level. This drives the budget process and provides insight into how the objectives will be accomplished.

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Moving forward

With the current 2015-2018 strategic plan drawing to a close, the development of a new strategic plan is underway. 

Part of the development of the 2019-2022 strategic plan includes reaching out to the community. MDB Insight has been retained to support the development of our new strategic plan, and is conducting a citizen satisfaction survey by telephone. The telephone survey will help us understand what we are doing well and where we can improve. The survey will run from Monday, Nov. 5 to Friday, Nov. 16. This is a random survey, with a goal of connecting with 75 residents per ward, for a total of 525 random people surveyed.

Please visit our project page to learn more about the strategic plan process and the ways you can provide input into the development of the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. 


2015-2018 Strategic Plan

The 2015-18 Strategic Plan was written after extensive consultation with the community. Through telephone calls, focus groups, community pop-up events and online surveys, we consulted with over 1,200 people in an effort to make the plan reflective of your vision.

Our vision

Waterloo is world-recognized for discovery, built on the strengths of our people and centred on entrepreneurship and opportunity, creating a vibrant, sustainable, welcoming, and prosperous community. 

Our priorities 

Multi-modal transportation

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Diversifying the methods by which people can get around is an important element of a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Waterloo. Vision: Waterloo is a fully-connected and integrated community through its multi-modal transportation network. 

Infrastructure renewal

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Infrastructure includes roads, facilities and systems which keep the city functional, keeps people moving and meets core needs of people. Ensuring these assets are well maintained contributes to increased capacity, growth and investment. Vision: Waterloo plans, builds and maintains its public infrastructure to support growth and a high quality of life for its residents. 

Strong community

Strong community icon

People want to be safe, healthy and active. They want to feel included and want access to services, systems and opportunities to participate in the community. Fostering resilient, safe, inclusive and vibrant communities is the base of Waterloo's success. Vision: Waterloo collaborates with others to build a community where our diverse population has a strong sense of belonging and engagement. 

Environmental leadership

Environment icon

We are all stewards of our environment. Acting now by preserving the natural environment, reducing our carbon footprint and building the city in an environmentally sound manner, will benefit future generations. Vision: Waterloo protects the environment and a sustainable future through proactive stewardship. 

Corporate excellence

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Holding the public's trust through inclusive, transparent and fair decision making, responsible financial management, superior service delivery and effective communications are the hallmarks of good governance for the city. Vision: Waterloo exemplifies service excellence and fiscal responsibility 

Economic development

Economic development icon

Economic development is a key pillar to drive tax revenue, business development and a vibrant cultural scene. A strong competitive economy fosters entrepreneurship, stimulates opportunity, creates jobs, fuels talent development and enhances the community's attractiveness. Vision: Waterloo effectively pursues and manages economic growth to stimulate new opportunities and increase investment. 

Reporting framework

We report on the progress of the plan through our annual progress reports and community yearbooks. 

Annual Progress Reports

Community Yearbooks

Background documents

Past strategic plans