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Transportation Master Plan

The City of Waterloo's transportation master plan guides our planning and decision-making around transportation, with a goal to make this city "truly accessible for all."

Four guiding principles are woven throughout the document: accessible, choice, sustainable and fiscally responsible.

This plan supports a healthy and sustainable city with a balance of social, cultural, environmental and economic successes through the implementation of a balanced transportation network.

While it recognizes the significance of the auto in both the existing and future system, the development of a multi-modal system of walking, cycling and transit will provide the transportation balance we need. This plan also recognizes the movement of goods and freight, which will continue to require a reliable road network to remain economically competitive.

The overarching direction for our future transportation system will be through complete streets - roads that are designed to safely accommodate cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and transit users. The following documents are part of the transportation master plan: