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Vision, Mission and Values

A group of people gather in a public space

The City of Waterloo is guided by our vision, mission and values.

Community vision statement

In 2029, the City of Waterloo has enhanced its friendly feel, welcoming and accommodating a diversity of people. Waterloo is a caring community where people support each other; a green city with healthy greenspaces, land, water and clean air; an economic leader with a strong diverse economy; a community of vibrant neighbourhoods; a learning community with strong ties to its schools, universities and college; an exciting city with abundant recreation, leisure, arts and cultural opportunities; and a city that is accessible to all. Waterloo is a better place to live, work and play than ever.


The corporation of the City of Waterloo is a dedicated team of volunteers, staff and elected officials who apply leadership, enthusiasm, skill and integrity in providing needed and valued services that help build the best quality of life possible for all of our citizens.

Organizational values

Service excellence

Service excellence is about seeking opportunities for growth and development, searching for better ways to deliver service, encouraging and supporting others to do their best and focusing on the needs of the community.

Personal leadership

Personal leadership is about being accountable, treating others with respect and dignity, extending trust and being trustworthy, leading by example and being consistent while respecting differences.

Effective communication

Effective communication is about being open and honest, sharing complete information in a timely manner, seeking the facts, listening generously and respecting confidentiality.

Healthy workplace

Healthy workplace is about actively promoting safe work practices and a healthy work-life balance, nurturing health and wellness, being positive and having fun.