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Am I on the Voters List?

Are you on the voters list?

Important information about the voters list

Eligible voters are encouraged to register for the upcoming municipal election by adding their name to the voters list, found below. All Ontario municipalities receive the voters list from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). The contents of the voters list complies with Section 19(4) of the Municipal Elections Act; it captures voter name, address, school support, residency status (i.e. owner, tenant, boarder, etc.). The list does not capture phone number or email address. All municipal candidates have access to the voters list to use during their campaign. The City of Waterloo does not provide phone numbers or email addresses to municipal candidates or anyone else.

To be eligible to vote during the municipal election you must be:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old;
  • a resident of the City of Waterloo, the owner or tenant of land or the spouse of such owner or tenant; and
  • not prohibited from voting by law.

Student voters:

A student may vote in the municipality where he or she temporarily resides while attending school as well as at his/her permanent home in a different municipality, provided that he or she does not intend to change his/her permanent home.  

Are you on the list of voters for the upcoming municipal and school board elections?

Voters may confirm their names are on the list and the supporting information is correct by filling out the form below or by contacting the Clerk's Office at 519-747-8704, TTY 1-866-786-3941, or by visiting Legislative Services located on the third floor of Waterloo City Hall, 100 Regina Street South, Waterloo.  


Please be aware that the "Single Name" option is meant for individuals, who have one name,  in accordance with their cultural naming practice (Change of Name Act, RSO 1990, c. C.7). If you registered on the voters' list with a single name, please ensure that on the voting day, you are able to produce a valid personal identification that records that single name.

For additional information please contact:  

Office of the City Clerk
Legislative Services

City of Waterloo
100 Regina St. S.
PO Box 337, Station Waterloo
Waterloo, Ont.
N2J 4A8
TTY. 1-866-786-3941