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Waterloo Park Master Plan

The Waterloo Park master plan provides a vision for the long-term development of this park.

This vision is of a people-oriented gathering place for the entire community, with venues that offer a variety of unstructured recreational and cultural experiences. This master plan is linked closely with the community, culture and recreation services master plan, the culture plan and the outdoor sports field strategy. The plan is supported by a Waterloo Park Advisory Committee (WPAC), a group of interested citizens who advise council on matters pertaing to the implementation of the master plan.


The urban context enveloping Waterloo Park has changed sicne 1989 when the last master plan for the park was completed. Significant physical changes around the park are attributed to redevelopment initiatives and intensification in the core. The population demographics have changed as well with the city's rapidly expanding population base and aging population which is diverse in its cultural composition and related interests. In addition, new park trends have emerged over the past 20 years that expand upon the traditional role of parks as places of recreation and visual assets. Parks are evolving and are now also seen as contributors to broader urban policy objectives related to job opportunities, youth development, public health, cultural centres, community development and the natural environment. In light of these changes, the city initiated the Waterloo Park Master Plan in order to keep the park's programs and infrastructure current with the evolving needs of the community.

Supporting documents

These figures and appendices provide additional context about the vision of the Waterloo Park master plan.



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