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The City of Waterloo's zoning by-laws establish and regulate land use in the city by implementing the policies of our official plan.

Zoning requirements affect a number of property-related issues:

  • Building locations and setbacks
  • Construction
  • Lot size
  • Parking requirements
  • Permitted land uses

Use this map or the interactive one below to determine which zoning by-law your property falls under - no. 1108 or no. 1418. The interactive tool allows you to identify and download specific sections of the by-law that pertain to your property.

Zoning By-law Review

The City of Waterloo has completed a review of the Zoning By-law. For further information on the process and status of the new Zoning By-law, please visit the Zoning By-law Review web page.


If you believe someone is violating the zoning by-law and would like to file a complaint, please contact us online or by calling 519-747-8785.

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