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Art Installations

City of Waterloo Now/Then Youth Photography Project

Waterloo Now/Then documents the walk of seven young photographers (ages 10 to 17) through uptown Waterloo
and presents their photos alongside shots from days past (via the Waterloo Public Library's Ellis Little Local History
Room). As the photographers travelled from site to site they explored and photographed the space, texture, life and history of our evolving Waterloo and, through their photos, give us their own perspective of today before it becomes tomorrow's history.

The project was collaboration with Waterloo Public Library, lead by photographer & art educator Jason Panda, with youth photographers Alyssa P, David PC, Lily E, Isaiah S, Sydney E, Amanda PC, and Emily F.

Waterloo Public Library now hosts the results of the project online on A digital version of the print exhibit is also available to view or download


Tree of Light

In celebration of arts, culture and cuisine on Final Fridays, the City of Waterloo will host a temporary interactive art installation by John Russell and Laura Harrison, in Waterloo Public Square.

"Tree of Light" is a place to gather, move and explore. Wander around the strings of lights as they warm up Waterloo Public Square and discover all the patterns you can create! Evoking a sense of wonder and warmth the display will reflect the twinkling lights as well as the city surrounding it. Snap a photo and see Waterloo from a different perspective.

John and Laura are a creative team from Guelph, Ont. Though they have very different professional backgrounds (in science and art) their creative passions have aligned in the exploration of lights in motion. They aim to spark curiosity about our everyday surroundings and encourage interaction with art and technology. 


'Look out!'

The term traffic calming describes interventions that make streets safer by reducing speeding and aggressive driving to increase pedestrian comfort and flow.

The City of Waterloo has installed ″Look out!″ a whimsical hedgehog and balloon art intervention by Katie Wilde at the William and Regina Street crosswalk. Katie is a Guelph-based visual artist with an affinity for nature, oddness and interactivity. She believes that art has the power to transform communities and alter peoples experience of their environment in a positive way. Art in unexpected places is one of this artists' greatest joys.

Photo Gallery: 'Look out!' by Katie Wilde will appear here on the public site.


For information on temporary art in public spaces, please see Public Art.