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City of Waterloo

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At Home in Waterloo

June 5 - October 27, 2018

In Waterloo, people have lived in all sorts of places: log homes, two-storey, Victory, sleek mid-century modern houses, low-rise apartments all making way to the new high-rise condominium trend. Changes in economics, technology, land ownership, and city planning have all influenced homeowner expectations and choices and have shaped our notions of what is home in Waterloo. At Home in Waterloo takes us on a tour of our neighbourhoods and the architectural styles that are found in our city.

The exhibition features "please touch" materials used in residential construction over time, and household goods used over the course of the past several decades. Each item tells its own story of how a house becomes a home. The City of Waterloo Museum has collaborated with Rick Haldenby, former Director of the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture to present this exhibit. It will also include a number of architectural designs by Charlie Voelker. Affectionately known as "Colonial Charlie", Charlie Voelker was a charismatic individual who, whether designing new homes in private life or generating visions for the city's future as a community volunteer and alderman, was a gifted and caring man.

The City of Waterloo Museum holds the personal collection of over 700 architectural designs of Charlie Voelker, whose career spanned from the post-war period until his death in 1986. Amongst Charlie's many achievements and his lasting legacy through his designs, and community service was his ability to generate endless ideas for community development. Highlighted are his actual drawings for a variety of homes built in the region with attention to Waterloo's Colonial Acres, and Westmount subdivisions.

This exhibitions takes a closer look at our houses and our homes which can tell us stories about who we are, how we live, and what we aspire to be.