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Multi-unit Construction

Staff at construction site

Below is a listing of multi-unit residential construction projects happening in Waterloo. The information provided below is based on city municipal building officials' most recent reports as of the date indicated below. If you would like a more current update, please contact the project developer indicated in the chart below.

Latest building official update

Last updated on Oct. 4 at 2:00 p.m. All buildings are now 100 per cent occupied.

Project name Building address Description Units Bedrooms Bedrooms completed
The Hub 130-1 Columbia St. 8-storey residential apartment 60 90 90
The Hub 130-2 Columbia St. 6-storey residential apartment 50 60 60
The Hub 365-3 Albert St. 6-storey residential apartment with commercial on ground floor 15 15 15
The Hub 365-5, 6 Albert St.   208 255 255
The Hub 130-7, 8, 9 Columbia St. 14-storey residential apartment with commercial on ground floor 267 351


IN8 - Ivy Towns 2 288 Albert St. - A 3-storey terrace townhouse building with commercial on the ground floor 21 62 62
IN8 - Ivy Towns 2 288 Albert St. - B 3-storey terrace townhouse building 12 36 36
IN8 - Ivy Towns 3 338 Albert St. 3-storey terrace townhouse building with commercial on the ground floor 43 127 127
IN8 - Sage 6 251 Hemlock St. 6-storey apartment building with commercial on the ground floor 139 278 278
University of Waterloo 165 University Ave. 12-storey student residence building   539 539
Rez-One 254 Phillip St. 21-storey apartment building 119 476 476
400 Albert 400 Albert St. 4-storey residential apartment 12 48 48






Building permits and occupancy

City of Waterloo building staff have little influence on the timing of occupancy. While staff can be available at almost any time, including evenings and weekends (with sufficient notice) they are bound by the Ontario Building Code and its referenced applicable law. The code sets out the minimum requirements for building safe and sound buildings and structures. The code addresses structural adequacy, fire and life safety, energy efficiency and promotes a healthy and safe environment for occupancy.

In some cases the code ensures substantial completion prior to occupancy, as is the case in single dwelling units, while in other cases it allows for occupancy of an unfinished building, as is the case in multi-residential buildings and renovations to existing buildings. This is intended to allow ready units to be occupied while unfinished units are completed, and existing buildings to remain occupied during some construction (renovations and additions).

It is important for occupants of multi-residential buildings to understand the conditions of the building at time of occupancy. Not all the common areas need to be completed. The amenity space may not be available for use and there may not even be parking available as these are not conditions for occupancy as regulated by the code. The minimum conditions that an individual occupant expects for the building should be addressed in the contract between the occupant and building owner.

It is the responsibility of the City of Waterloo's chief building official to ensure the minimum standards have been met prior to occupancy of a building or part thereof. It is the responsibility of the occupant to understand this should they choose to rely on the occupancy approval as their confirmation a building is ready for occupancy.