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Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation Study

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With current and projected urban development taking place in Waterloo's uptown area, some residents in the Uptown West neighbourhood are concerned that increased traffic may create unsafe conditions on local streets. A public task force was formed in 2013, to provide feedback on the Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation Study.

Updates - Sidewalks and Traffic

In 2017, sidewalks were constructed on Norman Street and Roslin Avenue South. Two more streets will receive sidewalks in 2018 - the east side sidewalk on Severn Street will be completed to Allen Street and a sidewalk will be constructed on Dawson Street between Dietz Avenue and Roslin Avenue South.

The City will collect additional intersection data in the spring of 2018 to supplement the traffic count information gathered in 2017.

The City of Waterloo initiated the design of sidewalks within the areas that were identified as being in need of sidewalks. This is consistent with the conclusions of the Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation study presented to council in July 2014.

The consultant completed the investigation and the preliminary designs of the sidewalks identified in need of a sidewalk (Roslin Avenue, Dawson Street, Norman Street and Severn Street) were made available for viewing at a public information meeting on March 30, 2016. The public information centre display boards are included here for reference. (Should you require this document in an alternative format to what is provided below, please contact Corporate Communications at, 519.747.8731 or TTY at 1.866.786.3941).

After reviewing community feedback and concerns raised with one way streets, further work was undertaken and revised preliminary designs were sent to those residents receiving a new sidewalk. Due to limited property and challenging grades, Dawson Street is still promoted for a one way section (between Beverley Street and Roslin Avenue). Alternatives to the one way approach for Dawson Street is for the city to purchase property for the sidewalk or having no sidewalk.

To accommodate the new sidewalks, some changes are required to the City's traffic & parking by-law #08-077 for some streets. Changes to the by-law require Council approval. Staff will request these changes at the Sept. 12, 2016 council meeting. A letter to the community is being circulated on this subject.

Traffic and parking bylaw amendment for installing sidewalks in uptown west Waterloo approved

Council approved an amendment to the schedules within the traffic and parking bylaw regarding on-street parking and the conversion of one block of Dawson Street to a one-way street (eastbound direction). These amendments are required in order to install sidewalks along one side of the following streets: Roslin Avenue South (William to John Street), Norman Street (Roslin Avenue to Dunbar Road), Dawson Street (Dietz to Roslin Avenue) and Severn Street (Allen to John Street).

Construction is scheduled for the fall of 2016 or spring/summer 2017. Residents on those blocks identified to receive sidewalks will also receive a written notice two weeks in advance of any work beginning.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact either Chris Hodgson using the information provided at the top of this page or:

Scott Lang, P. Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Morrison Hershfield
1005 Skyview Drive, Suite 175
Burlington, Ontario
L7P 5B1


A staff progress report on the Uptown West Neighbourhood Transportation study was presented to council on Monday, July 14, 2014. A notice regarding this meeting was advertised and distributed to residents in this neighbourhood. The outcome of this meeting was provided in the minutes of the July 14, 2014 meeting and has been provided here for reference. The complete minutes of this meeting are located on the agendas and minutes page of our website. As more information becomes available regarding next steps, information will be communicated to the neighbourhood.

Study recommendations

Based on the current transportation conditions, technical analysis, evaluation of alternatives and comments from the public task force, technical agencies committee, the public and, with the uncertainty of the impacts from the future LRT and area developments, a progressive traffic management strategy is recommended.

The strategy would be flexible and versatile to adapt to changing conditions over time using various tools and techniques identified in the study report. In the short term, a number of measures are recommended including additional sidewalks in some areas, signed bike routes, neighbourhood traffic calming signage and additional assessment and monitoring of traffic patterns and safety. Implementation, of course, is subject to council approval and available budget.

More information is available in the staff progress report and consultant's transportation study and technical report which are provided below and which will be presented to council on July 14. Take note that the due to the size of the study and technical report, we have divided the document into smaller sections as indicated below:

Uptown west neighbourhood transportation study and technical report:

Traffic-calming scenarios

A second public engagement session took place May 6, 2014. The study team presented various traffic calming scenarios for the uptown west neighbourhood. Options have been developed using data and include feedback from the task force, the Oct. 30, 2013 public engagement session, various technical agencies and city staff.

The scenarios attempt to address concerns raised through the study while recognizing the needs of emergency response providers, services such as snow plow operations and maintenance works, as well as waste collection.

Information about the traffic calming scenarios are available below.

Videos explaining each traffic calming scenario are available below:

Note: many different measures and combinations of measures were considered prior to the four alternative scenarios presented above. A number of the earlier draft alternative network scenarios are provided here.

Next steps

Following completion of the public engagement process, staff will take a progress report and the consultant's report to council on July 14, 2014. 

Download the following reports, documents and newsletters to learn more about this study: