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Vermont Street

City of Waterloo

As part of the city's asset management and road rehabilitation programs, road and sewer improvements have been scheduled on Vermont Street from Margaret Avenue North to the street's end. View this map to see the project limits.

April 2018 update

The reconstruction of Vermont Street from Margaret Avenue North to it's eastern terminus, as well as the sidewalk and stairwell from Vermont Street to the Bluevale Link, is tentatively scheduled to start on or about Monday, April 23, 2018.

Gedco Excavating has been retained to complete the reconstruction.  Prior to the start of construction a pre-construction survey of the homes directly adjacent to construction activities will be completed.  This survey will include the visual inspection and photographing of the foundation and other features of your home to establish baseline conditions in the unlikely event that damage is caused during construction. This inspection is tentatively scheduled to be completed during the week of 16th by representatives from DST Consulting Engineers.  Going forward residents in this area will receive correspondence from representatives of Gedco Excavating with important information related to reconstruction activities.

Gedco's working hours will typically be Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 5:30pm.  During that time the road will be closed.  Gedco will make all attempts to maintain access for local traffic during working hours, especially for residents of Leaside Place; however it cannot be guaranteed at all times. The road will typically be open to local traffic at the end of each working day. If there is a need to completely close the road, residents will be informed in advance so that vehicles can be moved out of the construction zone ahead of time. Residents will be provided on-street parking passes where required.  Any driveways, sidewalks, or surface landscaping disturbed by the works will be reinstated to existing condition or better, using current city standards. Only the affected portion will be replaced or restored. 

The City of Waterloo will be hosting a construction information meeting for local residents where the city's project manager, the consultant, and representatives from Gedco Excavating will be in attendance to provide further details and answer any questions regarding the construction.   

Location: Optimists Room - Moses Springer Community Centre, 150 Lincoln Rd., Waterloo
Date: Wed. April 11, 2018
Time: 6 to 8 p.m.

Public engagement

Public information centre - Sept. 26, 2017

Thanks to all residents who came out to the public information centre on Sept. 26! City of Waterloo staff and the city's engineering consultant were available to discuss details of the proposed improvements to this street, and to answer any questions about the project and how it may impact residents. The following materials were presented at the public information centre:

If you were unable to attend this information centre, please feel free to contact the project manager listed at the top of the page, or complete the comment sheet included in the above information package and forward to the project manager.

More information about this project

Any driveways, sidewalks or landscaping disturbed by the works will be reinstated to existing conditions or better, using current city standards. Only the affected portion will be replaced or restored.

The above improvements are being completed to upgrade the existing, deteriorated underground services and above-ground surface features, in order to prevent future system failure and update the right-of-way to current standards. The project will be funded through tax dollars and will not result in a direct charge to the homeowner.

In order to carry out these improvements, it will be necessary to temporarily close the street to through traffic. Prior to any road closure, signs will be posted on the approaching streets advising motorists of the date and the duration of the closure.

Pedestrian access will be maintained to all properties at all times and vehicular access to all properties within the construction area will be maintained as much as possible. There may be short periods of time during the construction period where residents will be asked to park their cars on neighbouring side streets. Instructions for obtaining on-street parking permits for affected residents will be communicated closer to the start of construction.