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A woman smiles at a dog

The City of Waterloo is a pet-friendly community. If your dog needs open space to play in, visit our leash-free area in Bechtel Park. And if you would like to see farm animals up close, head over to Waterloo Park's Eby Farmstead.

Always remember to keep your dog on a leash when enjoying the great outdoors together. Our municipal enforcement team has partnered with the KW Humane Society to make sure pet owners respect our leash by-law and keep their dogs on-leash at all times when enjoying our parks and trails.

The KW Humane Society officers will be patrolling Waterloo parks all summer and will ticket pet owners if dogs are found running off-leash. The fine for this infraction is $150.00.  

Keeping your dog on-leash respects all visitors to our parks and trails and keeps everyone safe and happy.



More information

To keep your dogs safe, we have a licensing program that will help reunite you with your dog if it gets lost. Our local humane society provides a number of services, including pet adoptions.

If you believe someone is violating any of these by-laws and would like to file a complaint, please contact us online or by calling 519-747-8785.