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The City of Waterloo's backflow prevention team works with the community to protect our drinking water quality by preventing backflow into the drinking water system.

The water-distribution system is designed to supply drinking water from our distribution system into homes and businesses. Backflow occurs if the drinking water flows in the opposite direction - from homes and businesses back into our distribution system - which could result in pollution and contaminants entering our drinking water system.

To reduce the risk of backflow, we have a backflow prevention by-law that is targeted at industrial, commercial, multi-residential and institutional properties. Some homes may also be affected by the by-law.

You are responsible for installing, maintaining and testing backflow prevention devices, which require a permit to install. The first step is to get a survey completed by an approved tester. Testers must be licensed, and they will submit their reports of your property to us for review.


Permit fee to install one, two or three testable backflow prevention devices


Permit fee to install additional testable devices

$48 each

Permit fee to install a device on irrigation system


Submission fee of annual test report(s)

$25 each

Test tag

$2 each

We accept cash, cheque and debit.


More information

These guides will help you reduce backflow in our water supply: