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Bee City

Bee City

The City of Waterloo is officially recognized as a Bee City due to our ongoing efforts to support native pollinators and their habitat. We do this through education and community stewardship on municipal parkland.

You can visit Bee City Canada to learn more about the Bee City program. 

Get involved

Bee in a flower 

Drop in to lend a hand at various stewardship activities offered by the Pollinator working group or visit them at local environmental events. 


Stay-tuned for opportunities to get involved in 2019!


Sign-up online to receive email notifications one week prior to each community stewardship activity.

Pollinator working group

The Pollinator working group is a group of adult volunteers that work in collaboration with the City of Waterloo to provide educational experiences and community stewardship activities relating to native pollinators and their habitat.

Opportunities to volunteer on the working group take place in January of each year. For more information, view the working group's Terms of reference and volunteer position description.

As part of the Pollinator working group, volunteers help oversee program initiatives in Waterloo including:

Bee in a flower

  • plan and deliver community stewardship activities that create and maintain native pollinator habitat on municipal parkland
  • educate the community about the importance of native pollinators
  • celebrate native pollinators during International Pollinator Week or at other times

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Credit for both photos: Alan V. Morgan