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Celebrate Seniors

Celebrate Seniors

Celebrate Seniors is a three part campaign featuring City of Waterloo senior groups which are actively contributing to the overall health and wellness of seniors in the Waterloo community.

The purpose of this campaign is to showcase senior groups who are making a difference in the lives of our local seniors. Seniors make up 28.5% of the population of the Kitchener - Waterloo community. Adults 55 years of age and up are important and valuable members of our community. As people are enjoying a greater quality of life longer into their senior years, keeping them healthy - physically, mentally, and socially, and engaged in the community is vital for a healthy community. 

By featuring these three groups throughout 2018 we hope to encourage seniors who may be considering getting involved in a local group activity, to take action and participate in some of the great programs that the City of Waterloo and partner groups have to offer. Being involved in any of the activities helps to increase the participant's physical well-being, along with mental and social well-being. The ability to reduce this sense of social isolation is a large benefit of all senior programs. The relationships formed in these group become a support network for the participants, and allow the members to share their knowledge and skills with other younger community members, and give back to the community, all which contribute to a great sense of value.

Old Salts Seniors Canoe Club

The Old Salts Seniors Canoe club is an organized group of canoe enthusiasts aged 55+ who enjoy the outdoors, the water and each other's company.

Members of the club meet for a weekly canoe trips throughout the season on lakes and rivers in southwestern Ontario. Most the regularly planned trips are within an hour's drive from Kitchener-Waterloo, though some may be further to give members new experiences and challenges. There are trips for all skill levels from beginners "easy breezy" paddles to more challenging paddles which include navigating rapids. The biggest reward of membership is the friendships that are made and the fun that is had.

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Larry Martin is an active and enthusiastic paddler and member of the Old Salts Senior Canoe Club for the past six years. Participation in the club has allowed Larry (a seasoned sailor) to learn new paddling skills, master existing skills and build confidence. Paddling and being a member of the club has given Larry an opportunity to challenge himself, have a sense of team work when paddling in tandem, bond with others who have similar interests, and experience a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

A successful paddle is exhilarating and sharing this achievement with the group provides a great sense of accomplishment. As we know, joy is contagious and because participation in the club provides Larry which such enjoyment, all those around him, his family members, friends and neighbours benefit from his positive attitude and outlook. Larry also cites that the club provides an opportunity to give back to the community through clean up days, general observation of the Grand River Watershed, and sharing their love and knowledge of nature with others.

Anyone over 55 years of age who is interested in the outdoors, and meeting new people with similar interests is encouraged to visit for more information and how to join. To learn more about all the programs and services the City of Waterloo offers for adults over 55 years of age visit

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