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Man riding a bike

The city's vision is to have a fully-connected and integrated transportation network to make cycling in Waterloo safe and accessible.

A number of projects are in place to support a high priority active transportation network to connect people throughout the city and region. As important as having good infrastructure in place, practicing cycling safety is also paramount.

Video series

To promote safe cycling in Waterloo, we produced a video series to help the community navigate our integrated transportation network. The first three installments are available below: 


Additional safety tips

Here are 10 safety tips to remember when you are out cycling in the City of Waterloo:

  • Keep your bike in good condition - tires, chains, brakes and more
  • Always ride with traffic, either in bike lanes or close to the right side of the road
  • Obey traffic signals and rules - this includes stopping at stop signs and using proper hand signals
  • Make sure the roadway is clear before you enter it
  • Watch for opening car doors
  • Install a bell or horn and lights on your bike - it is the law
  • Keep your lights and reflectors in good condition
  • Wear your bike helmet
  • Be predictable - do not dart in and out of a line of parked cars - and communicate your actions to other road users by signaling
  • Only bicycles with tires of less than 50 cm diameter may cycle on sidewalks - walk all bicycles through cross walks

For more cycling skills and safety tips check out Cycling Skills: Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling.

Visit our road, sidewalk and trail closures section to find out what streets and trails are under construction.

Cycling around ION

ION light trail transit tracks are now in place across Waterloo Region. Check out the cycling tips in this video to stay safe when you're out and about in Waterloo Region.

Bicycle Cross-Rides

The first bicycle cross-ride in Waterloo Region is located at the intersection of Erb Street East and Peppler Street. 
Cross-rides allow pedestrians to cross the road safely while also allowing cyclists to cross the road safely on their bikes. 

To learn more, please visit our Bicycle Cross-Rides page.

Bike Box

The City of Waterloo installed our first bike box on Davenport Road to improve cycling safety.

To learn more, please visit our Bike Boxes page.