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Two people beside a building under construction

If you are planning to dig, build or excavate on your property, it is important you locate all of your utility lines first. In fact, under Ontario regulations, it is the law.

Please call Ontario One Call before you dig to help keep your property, your family and your community safe.

Ontario One Call - 1-800-400-2255

Call at least one week before you plan to dig to be sure you get the locate information by the time you need it.

Remember to obtain the necessary permits before you start any work. Contact our building standards team at 519-747-8712 for more information.

Thinking of paving your driveway? Please click here for more information. 

ON1Call distributes locate requests to utilities with infrastructure in the City of Waterloo boundary. The city will either clear the locate request, meaning that your work will not impact any buried infrastructure, or mark it onsite with paint, flags or stakes.

The City's locate team is reducing its environmental footprint by going green with the new paperless locate response.  We will notify you by email when your locate is ready to view; a link to your locates's map or sketch is included on the email, if needed.  Downloadable maps/sketches will be available online up to 30 days after locate completion. 

No email address? We will fax you a notification including a link to your online downloadable map or sketch. 

Why go paperless?

  • Save trees and help protect the environment
  • Saves time: receive locate notification as soon as they're ready
  • Easily access your locate information anytime (up to 30 days), anywhere
  • Improves staff efficiency and business operations

Terms and Conditions

Standard terms that apply to all locates from the City of Waterloo, include:

  • Underground city's infrastructure must be supported at all times.

  • Stakes or markings may disappear or be displaced.

  • If any delays should occur on the locate information, a new locate must be obtained.

  • No person shall dig, bore, trench, grade, excavate or break ground with mechanical equipment or explosives without first ascertaining the location of any pipeline that may be interfered with.

  • No person shall interfere with or damage any pipeline without authority to do so.

  • Excavators must not work outside the area originally located without a further locate.

  • If excavation is necessary over, under, near or parallel to underground utilities, extreme caution must be observed, and the underground utilities shall be exposed by hand digging within one meter of the location given.

  • Mechanical excavation equipment should not be used in the vicinity of city's utilities and the actual location of the infrastructure must be determined in advance by exposing it by hand.

  • If the underground infrastructure is exposed over a distance of more than 1.25 metres, the City of Waterloo must be notified.

  • Locates are valid for 60 days, unless otherwise noted.