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Dog Licences

A woman smiles at her dog...

All dogs in the City of Waterloo older than 12 weeks must have a licence. Funds raised through this program allow us to return lost dogs to their families, support our leash-free dog park in Bechtel Park, and partially offset the cost of our animal control contract with the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. Keep the license tag on your dog's collar at all times. 

All licences expire on Dec. 31 of each year. Dog tags must be renewed each year by Dec. 31. Failure to do so could result in charges being laid. 

A valid 2017 dog licence is required in order to renew and receive a 2018 dog licence (does not apply for new dogs).

Register online today and save!

Purchase your dog tag online, and receive a Ren's Pets Depot voucher! Ren's Pets Depot has generously donated a $25 in-store voucher in sponsorship of our online dog licence program.

Here's how it works:

  • Apply for a new 2018 dog licence or renew your existing licence online
  • Print your proof of payment and wait for the voucher to arrive in the mail along with your dog tag
  • Take your voucher card and proof of online purchase receipt to Ren's Pet Depot, Waterloo
  • Redeem your $25 voucher!

The voucher is redeemable at Ren's Pets Depot new store located at The Boardwalk, on Ira Needles Boulevard, Waterloo, and any other Ren's Pets Depot locations. Visit the sponsorship page for more information.

You can now apply online at our online permits portal.


Licences obtained by Dec. 31, 2017


$26 for a spayed or neutered (sterilized) dog, $19 for dogs owned by senior citizens (residents who are 65 and older)


$43 for unsterilized dogs, $38 for dogs owned by senior citizens

Licences obtained between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, 2018

$53 for spayed or neutered dogs, $43 for dogs owned by senior citizens


$70 for unsterilized dogs, $64 for dogs owned by senior citizens

Lost dog tag

$10 to replace

Service dogs

No charge

You will need to provide proof of sterilization to receive the lower rates for spayed and neutered dogs.

Where to get a dog licence

By mail:

Send a completed application form (available at the below listed facilities) and a cheque or money order payable to the City of Waterloo to:

City of Waterloo Licensing
100 Regina St. S.
PO Box 337, Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON  N2J 4A8

In person:

City of Kitchener Residents:

City of Kitchener residents may obtain dog licences at the KW Humane Society.