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Dog Licences

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Why are dog licences important?

  • In case of an emergency, a dog tag can be a lifeline between you and your dog
  • Dog licences allow city staff to contact dog owners about animal health and safety concerns, such as disease or outbreak
  • The tags help reunite dogs with their family and keep them out of shelters
  • Licence fees help support various dog services, such as animal control and leash-free parks

New for 2018/2019 - Lifetime dog tags

Effective October 2018, the dog tag issued will be a permanent tag. The licence must be renewed each year thereafter; however, dog owners will no longer receive a new dog tag for the renewed licence.

Dog licences

All dogs in the City of Waterloo older than 12 weeks must be licensed and the dog must wear the tag on its collar at all times.

All licences expire on Dec. 31 and must be renewed each year by Dec. 31. Early-bird rates apply to new/renewed licenses if received between October 1 and December 31.

A valid licence from the previous year is required to renew and receive a licence for the current year (does not apply for new dogs). 

Purchase or renew your dog licence

Effective October 2018, there are two ways for Waterloo residents to purchase/renew a dog licence:

How Where
In person

Waterloo City Hall, first floor, 100 Regina St. S., Waterloo (Municipal Enforcement Services Counter)


KW Humane Society, 250 Riverbend Dr., Kitchener


Licences obtained by Dec. 31

(Early bird renewal price)


$26 for a spayed or neutered (sterilized) dog, $19 for dogs owned by senior citizens (residents who are 65 and older)


$43 for unsterilized dogs, $38 for dogs owned by senior citizens

Licences obtained between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30

$53 for spayed or neutered dogs, $43 for dogs owned by senior citizens


$70 for unsterilized dogs, $64 for dogs owned by senior citizens


*New dog licences purchased during this time will be charged the early-bird renewal fee*

Lost dog tag or replacement tag


Service dogs

No charge

Save at Ren's Pets Depot

Purchase or renew your dog licence online, and receive a Ren's Pets Depot voucher! 

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase a new licence or renew your existing licence online
  • A $25 Ren's Pets Depot voucher will be emailed to you upon issuance of the licence
  • Take your voucher and proof of payment/receipt to Ren's Pet Depot (printed or electronically)
  • Redeem your voucher!

The voucher is redeemable at any Ren's Pets Depot location.

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