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Driveways and Curbs

A driveway

There are several things you should consider before you make changes to your driveway and curb.

Curb cuts

The City of Waterloo regulates curb cuts, which are breaks in the curb to allow for changes to your driveway. Call the Service Centre at 519-886-2310 if you would like the curb on your property to be cut. If your request is approved, you will need to get a permit and to pay a fee at the Service Centre. We will send out a contractor to cut the curb.

Parking spaces

Before you make changes to your driveway, you should learn about what is permitted here. This handout outlines the information you need to make sure you have legal parking spaces on your property. We often get asked about driveway widening. In Waterloo, you may not widen your driveway towards the front of your home.


Call the Service Centre at 519-886-2310 and request an inspection before you pave your driveway. We will come out and locate any water valves that are under your driveway. This simple step means we will not have to dig up a portion of your driveway in the future if the valves need to be repaired. Our inspection service is free.

If you do not request an inspection from us prior to paving and your valves need repairs, we may have to dig up a portion of your driveway. We will patch the area, but we will not replace the entire driveway.