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Two people beside a building under construction

Building permits are required to create a duplex in the City of Waterloo. A duplex is a home that is converted into two dwelling units.

Check with our zoning team before applying for a permit to ensure your home's zoning allows for a duplex and has enough parking.


You will need a set of drawings, and the following forms to make an application.


Building permit fee per square foot of finished area that is being renovated


Building permit fee per square foot of new area to be added as an addition


Building permit fee to finish or renovate any area of a basement 


A minimum charge of $75.00 is applicable to all building permits

Additional charges (such as development charges, parkland dedication fees, etc.) may also be applicable.

You must pay the fees when you apply for a permit on the second floor of City Hall in the Integrated Planning and Public Works department at 100 Regina St. S. We accept cash, cheques and debit.

Timeline to review applications

Duplexes 15 business days

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