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Fine Art

A building with public art beside it

The City of Waterloo values fine art and the role it plays in telling the story of our heritage. We have a few collections for you to enjoy.

The Collections

Peter Goetz

Award-winning artist Peter Goetz painted a series of 28 watercolours of Waterloo landmarks. Signed copied prints of many of them are for sale at the City of Waterloo Museum.

Goetz immigrated to Canada from Russia in 1929, and settled in Kitchener-Waterloo. His day job was as an accountant, but he had a passion for fine art and developed his skills over time.

He received much recognition throughout his career, with one of his paintings chosen to be in the Diamond Jubilee Collection of Canada, which today hangs in Windsor Castle. Visitors to the National Gallery of Canada, as well as to galleries in England, Italy and New York City, enjoyed his exhibitions over the years. Goetz died in 2007.

Douglas Schaeffer

We commissioned artist Douglas Schaeffer to paint pictures of heritage properties in Waterloo. Although we no longer do this, many paintings hang in the Adult Recreation Centre and City Hall for you to enjoy.

Mayor's exhibit

We display artwork by local artists in a meeting room outside the mayor's office at City Hall, giving visitors an opportunity to appreciate local art. Contact Karen VandenBrink (see contact details above) if you are interested in having your artwork displayed in this exhibit.