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Landscaping and Trees

A houseA house with plants in the front yard

The City of Waterloo promotes a healthy environment and encourages you to do your part by creating a beautiful backyard on your property.


  • Choose the right plants and trees - Think about what you want the plants and trees to do, whether it is provide shade or give you privacy. Nursery staff can help you select the ones that will meet your needs.
  • Find the right location - Keep your property line in mind when planting so that you do not encroach on a neighbour's land. Also consider your future plans for an addition or deck.
  • Leave space for plants and trees to grow - Measure, sketch or take photos of the space you would like to landscape and show it to nursery staff. They can help you find the right plants and trees and ensure they have room to grow.
  • Check soil type and drainage - Soil and water drainage are factors in what types of plants and trees you select.
  • Protect plants and trees during construction - While construction is underway on your property, do not forget to cover or move plants or to install protective fencing around trees. This handout has lots of information for protecting your trees. Contact our building standards team for requirement details.