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Neighbourhood Associations

A child rides a bike down a sidewalk

Neighbourhoods are made up of groups of people who live in the same neighbourhood that come together to initiate and maintain a wide range of programs and activities.

Neighbourhoods instill a sense of belonging and bring individuals together to meet the needs of residents. Each group is unique in how they operate, offering different events, gatherings, and programs. Ultimately, they help improve the quality of life in the community.

Contact information for our neighbourhood associations is available online. Get your group listed in our clubs, groups and organizations online directory today or find information about one you are looking for. You can create and manage your own records.

Current Neighbourhoods

Right now, we have dozens of neighbourhood associations and groups in Waterloo. If one exists in your neighbourhood, you may want to consider joining it - they are a great way to get involved. If not, you could start one.

Neighbourhood Associations: These groups work collaboratively with the City of Waterloo in a formal partnership as an association to foster neighbourhood connections and create opportunities for recreation. 

  • Clair Hills Community Association
  • Eastbridge Neighboruhood Association
  • Lakeshore North Neighbourhood Associaiton
  • Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association
  • MacGregor Albert Community Association
  • Mary Allen Neighbourhood Association
  • Lakeshore South Community Association (formerly Sunnydale)
  • Uptown West Neighbourhood Association
  • Vermont Park Nieghbourhood Association
  • Westvale Neighbourhood Association

Homes Associations: These groups also work to foster neighbourhood connections and create opportunities for recreation.  Many homes associations were initiated based on covenants formed by land developers, with these groups often gathering around pools and tennis courts in their area.

  • Beechwood/Bridlegate Homeowners' Association
  • Beechwood North Association
  • Beechwood Park Homeowners' Association
  • Beechwood South Association
  • Beechwood II Homes Association
  • Beechwood West I Homes Association
  • Beechwood West II Homes Association
  • Craigleith Homeowners' Association
  • Glasgow Heights I Homeowners' Association
  • Glasgow Heights II Homeowners' Association
  • Upper Beechwood Phase 1 Association
  • Upper Beechwood Phase II Association

Neighbourhood Groups: These groups are another example of residents working as a neighbourhood to foster connections and create opportunties for recreation.  Neighbourhoods come in many shapes and sizes, with this category of neighbourhood groups covering areas not included in neighbourhood associaiton or home associations.

  • Chippendale Common Condominium Complex
  • Lakeshore East Neighbourhood Association
  • Shamrock Co-Operative Homes Incorporated
  • Uptown North Neighbourhood Association
  • Village on Clair Creek Management Trust
  • Vista Hills Community Association
  • Waterloo North Condominium No. 49

Neighbourhood: These groups do not currently have a formal organization operating in their area but many residents recognize their neighbourhood under this particular neighbourhood name.

  • Conservation Meadows
  • Erb West
  • Laurel Creek
  • Northdale
  • University Downs

Find out what neighbourhood your house falls in by viewing the neighbourhood boundaries or view a printable boundary map.