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Neighbour Relations

Child biking down the street

The City of Waterloo offers a free service to help neighbours resolve their issues. 

We will provide you with tools and options to assess the situation you are experiencing and develop a plan to address your concerns in a non-confrontational manner. Free professional mediation is a good alternative for issues that are not covered by a law or by-law. 

Tips for being a good neighbour 

There are many simple things you can do to foster good relationships with your neighbours. 

  • Say hello – Neighbours who know each other by name are less likely to end up in conflict. Get to know your neighbours, welcome new residents and take time to chat with them when you are outside. These simple efforts make neighbourhoods friendly, respectful, safe and healthy places to live, study, work and play.
  • Be aware of differences – Being considerate and respectful of your neighbours’ differences can have a significant impact on how you interact.
  • Ask how you can help – Kind gestures contribute to a positive and welcoming neighbourhood for all.
  • Keep neighbours informed – Contact your neighbours before planning something that may affect them, such as hosting a party, building a fence or getting a dog.
  • Know the law – Being aware of local laws, by-laws and general neighbourhood expectations will improve your relationships.