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Open Streets

Open Streets 2017

Open Streets are all about the livable cities movement! These community events promote playing and socializing.

Due to ongoing construction in Uptown Waterloo we are unable to close any streets for Open Streets once again this year. Instead we've decided to host a series of day of play events in Waterloo Public Square (June, July, September) and Waterloo Park (August). 

Date Artist Time
Jun 17

Open Streets presents a Day of Play - Lego Bricks


The Day of Play Lego event will feature six (or more) workstations with the following 

1. Houses - a collections of windows and doors and other items to make your own Lego house

2. Creatures - eyeballs and other googly things to make the spookiest Lego creates imaginable

3. Just 6 Bricks - what can you make with only 6 bricks?

4. Books about Lego - check out a selection of books about Lego

5. Vehicles - build the biggest, badest, smallest, strangest, whatever kind of vehicle you want!

6. Mosaics - using one of our baseplates, build a beautiful mosaic out of lego


Be sure to visit our Facebook Page

12-5 p.m.
Jul 15 Open Streets presents a Day of Play - Cosplay 12-5 p.m.
Aug 19 Open Streets presents a Day of Play - Instruments (in Waterloo Park) 12-5 p.m.
Sep 16 Open Streets presents a Day of Play - Battle/Competition

12-5 p.m. 

More information coming soon.