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Paying Taxes

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The City of Waterloo offers a variety of payment options to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your taxes.

Our popular pre-authorized payment plan makes paying your tax bills convenient, with no more cheques, mail delivery delays, overdue payments or line ups to worry about.

You will receive your interim and final tax bills throughout the year. Remember that each bill is broken down into two installments.

Non-receipt of your property tax bill does not exempt you from taxes and/or late payment penalty charges. If you have not received your property tax bill please email or call (519) 747-8718

Important facts to keep in mind when it's time to pay your taxes:

  • Keep your notice as receipt for income tax purposes
  • Receipts are only valid if the payments are cleared by the bank
  • Received payments apply to all interest, penalty and other charges, and then to the oldest overdue taxes

Please be advised that, on June 25th 2018 the City of Waterloo introduced two new fees:

  1. $25.00 processing fee for refunds resulting from payments made in error or to an incorrect account;
  2. $15.00 processing fee for payment transfers resulting from payments made to an incorrect account (the first transfer between accounts will be at no charge).

Due dates

Property types

First instalment

Second instalment

2018 Interim Tax Bill

All property types

Mar 1 2018

May 1 2018

2018 Final Tax Bill


July 3 2018

September 4 2018

2018 Final Tax Bill

Commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties 

Sep 4  2018


Oct 1 2018