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Property Tax Information

Property tax information is only available to the property owner, with proof of identity. Information may also be given to a person with power of attorney (with POA papers) or a signed letter of authorization form. Conditions apply.

Important information

  • We do not give out property tax information to listing real estate agents unless they have an owner-signed letter of authority.
  • Solicitors must pay a fee to receive written information in the form of a tax certificate. Tax certificates are primarily obtained during the sale/purchase of a property.   
  • Mortgage companies and other financial institutions who are paying property taxes on behalf of the property owner, may obtain property tax information.*
  • A statement of account (summary or detailed) is available upon request by owners of a property. This is only provided if the request is made in person at the revenue counter and a valid form of identification is shown, plus the applicable fee.*
  • Property tax bills and statements will not be faxed or emailed.
  • A fee may be charged for a bill reprint. *

* Please see our Fees page for details.