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Road Construction

Safety around construction sites

Traffic safety around construction sites

In Waterloo, city staff maintains over 800 kilometres of roadway and sets up thousands of construction zones for the purpose of repairing and paving roads, utility work, capital projects and rehabilitation.

Our road crews are out daily making repairs to keep everyone safe. Help them stay safe by obeying the signs. You may not be saving time but you are saving lives.

Tips for driving through construction zones:

  • Slow down, drive at the posted speed limit and be aware of construction zones.
  • Watch for signs. Signs contain essential information about traffic conditions, road closures and detours ahead.
  • Watch for trucks turning and backing up.

Living through construction is never easy. In order to help you plan your trips around the construction in the city, sign up for our road, trail and sidewalk closures alerts or download our Pingstreet app, for road closure information.

2018 City of Waterloo Construction Projects *
Integrated Planning & Public Works Department   - Engineering Services Division
Project Description of Work Description of Work Project Manager
    From To  
Albert Street Road Reconstruction, Streetscape Enhancement & Bike Lakes Erb St. Bridgeport Rd. Darren Scott 519-747-8545
Columbia St. Widening Boulevard & Surface Works to finish 2017 construction Fischer-Hallman Erbsville Rd. Darren Scott 519-747-8545
Dale Cr./Carlaw Pl. Road reconstruction Dale Crescent and Carlaw Place - full length  Mike Lupsa 519-886-1550 x78248
Forsyth Dr/Aberdeen Rd Road reconstruction of Aberdeen Rd (joint project with City of Kitchener) Aberdeen Rd - Forsyth Dr to Union Blv. (includes SWM works)  Gavin Vermeer 519-886-1550 x78066
Glenridge Drive Surface Asphalt (to complete previous reconstruction) Glenridge Drive and Glenridge Place - full length  Mike Lupsa 519-886-1550 x78248
King Street North (City, BIA Streetscape Funds)

Completion of bike lanes, street trees, landscaping, benches, etc. 

ION LRT Tracks

Bridgeport   Road 

Regionally Managed Project. Jakub Cyperling, City Liaison 519-886-1550 x78526
King Street North (City, BIA Funds) Thematic Lighting 

ION LRT Tracks

Bridgeport   Road Jakub Cyperling, City Liaison 519-886-1550 x78526
Marsland Drive  Surface works (completion of 2017 road reconstruction) Lexington   Road University   Ave. Mike Lupsa 519-886-1550 x78248
Spruce/Hickory St Storm sewer on WCI lands & surface works (completion of 2017 works)

Spruce Street - Columbia to Hickory

Hickory Street - King to Spruce  

Mike Lupsa 519-886-1550 x78248
Vermont St. Road reconstruction Margaret Ave East end  Gavin Vermeer 519-886-1550 x78066
Woolwich Street Reconstruction  Boulevard and surface works (to complete 2017 reconstruction) Bridle Trail University   Ave     Francis Reyes 519-747-8741
Asphalt Resurfacing (Repairs) Asphalt repairs. 60 mm mill & overlay as needed. Localized repairs City-wide. Tim Conyard 519-886-2310 x30301
Various Resurfacing (remove and replace, or mill and overlay asphalt, curb and sidewalk repairs)

1. Regina St.

2. William St.
3. Bridge St W. (w/ Township)
4. Bauer Pl & Dotzert Ct.
5. Thorndale Dr.
6. Appledale Cr.
7. Avondale Ave S.
8. Canewood Pl.
9. Cedarbrae Ave.
10. Dutton Dr.
11. Kumpf Dr.
12. Glen Forrest Blvd.
13. Wissler Rd. 

1. William St to Erb St.
2. Hughes Ln to Regina St.

3. McMurray Rd to University Ave.
4. All
5. Westvale Dr (W) to Old Meadow Ln.
6. Selected locations.
7. William St to City limit.
8. All.
9. Glen Forrest Blvd to Sunnydale Pl.
10. All.
11. Northfield Dr to 230m north/east.
12. Huntingdon Cr (W) to Glen Manor Blvd.
13. Northfield Dr to Deer Run Dr.

Kevin Zach 519-886-1550 x78246
* Project activity subject to change without notice. This is a partial list of projects for general information only. 
This list is not to be used for decision making on land development, site alteration work, private construction or real estate matters. 
The Albert St. Project & King Street Thematic Lights will be subject to Council's final approval.