Sheds and detached garages

A permit is required if you are constructing or proposing changes to a shed or detached garage if:
  • a shed exceeds 15 sq.m in area
  • a detached garage exceeds 10 sq.m in area
  • contains plumbing (applies to structures of any size)

This information applies to sheds and garages constructed on properties which contain dwellings for 3 or fewer units.  Where shed and garages are proposed on other properties, additional requirements may apply. 

Even if your project does not require a permit, sheds and detached garages must meet all zoning requirements. Visit the Zoning bylaw page to learn more.

On this page

  1. How to submit an application
  2. Requirements to submit an application
  3. Fee and timelines
  4. Plan and book inspections
  5. Contact information for Ontario OneCall and GRCA

How to submit an application

To submit an application for a building permit, visit our building permits page. To learn more about requirements for sheds and detached garages, read below.

Requirements to submit an application

The permit application form, Schedule C, Schedule 1 and Owner Declaration are required for a permit application along with drawings as stated in the requirements. View and download the combined form (PDF).

Designer qualifications

Who may design a shed or detached garage:

  • an architect, professional engineer or qualified designer with Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) is permitted to take responsibility for the design
  • the homeowner is permitted to prepare and take legal responsibility for the design of a shed or detached garage for their home
  • any person is permitted to prepare and take responsibility for the design of a shed or detached garage 55 sq.m (592 sq.ft) in area or under

Drawings and documentation

View an example shed drawing (PDF)

Drawings drawn to scale, for example 1/4 inch = 1 foot, are required to be submitted and must include:

  • property survey or site plan illustrating the lot size with dimensions, location and size of proposed accessory structure (including dimensions to property lines), and all existing buildings or structures on the property. 
  • foundation plan noting the proposed material and depth 
  • floor plan noting the use of building, dimensions, framing information, door/window sizes and lintel sizes 
  • location of plumbing fixtures (if proposed) 
  • cross section indicating wall and roof materials 
  • engineer’s stamped truss layout (if proposed) 
  • exterior elevations showing height from grade to peak and roof slopes 

Fees and timelines

Building permit fee for a shed


Building permit fee for a detached garage

$105 per bay

The timeline to review a permit application is 10 days.

Plan and book inspections

Once your building permit has been issued you may have the following inspections.

Typical inspections include:

  • inspection of footings that must be inspected prior to pouring concrete in order to confirm size, depth and location 
  • inspection of underground plumbing rough-in and/or final (plumbing must be inspected before covering)
  • inspection of framing elements that must be visible and accessible on site for the inspection
  • final building inspection

Note: Approved drawings must be available on site for all inspections. 

Review your issued permit card for a list of applicable inspections. 

Call the small building inspection line at 519-747-6120 to book your inspections. 

Contact information for Ontario OneCall and GRCA

Ontario OneCall locates any buried infrastructure on the property and will identify it safely for you. Call 1-800-400-2255.

Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) must be contacted if you are constructing a covered deck within the floodplain. Check this map (PDF) to determine if you are in the floodplain. The GRCA can be reached at 1-866-900-4722 (toll free) or 519-621-2161.