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Solar Panels

Two people beside a building under construction

In the City of Waterloo, building permits are required in many cases to install solar panels.

Solar panels that require a permit:

  • If the total area of the solar panel is larger than five square metres (52 square feet) and on a building
  • If they are designed to provide hot water or heating
  • If the weight of the solar panel, snow or wind exceeds the structural capacity of the building's roof or wall

You do not need a permit for ground-mounted solar panels that are not connected to water or heat sources.


You will need to submit a set of drawings, and the following forms to make an application.


Building permit fee for system on houses or small buildings connected only to electricity


Building permit fee for systems on small buildings connected to plumbing or heating


Building permit fee for panels on large buildings connected to electricity, plumbing or heating


You must pay the fees when you apply for a permit on the second floor of City Hall in the Integrated Planning and Public Works department at 100 Regina St. S. We accept cash, cheques and debit.

Timeline to review applications

Houses - singles, semis and townhouses

10 business days

Small buildings not listed in the houses section

15 business days

Large buildings

20 business days

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