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A stormwater pond

Stormwater runoff is water that flows over land and hard surfaces - including roads, driveways and rooftops - into drainage systems and then directly into our creeks, lakes and wetlands. It comes from rain and snow as well as the water you use to clean your car and water your lawn, among other sources.

As our landscape changes from undeveloped, natural areas to cities with houses, businesses, roads and parking lots, the amount of "permeable" or "porous" area is reduced and replaced with hard surfaces that do not absorb stormwater. Stormwater is collected via storm drains located at the curbs of roads and then moved via a piping system to large mainline pipes. Eventually, the stormwater runoff flows into the Grand River. 

Unlike sewage, stormwater is untreated when it enters our waterways - most of it flows directly from our streets and gutters into our creeks, rivers and lakes. Our streams provide significant environmental, commercial and recreational benefits, and it is important for us to protect these uses from the threat of stormwater pollution.

The cities of Waterloo and Kitchener have developed a stormwater credit program that offers you financial incentives for reducing the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants that enter the municipal stormwater management system from your property.

Additional information about stormwater management is included below:

  • Apply for a stormwater credit and you could reduce the stormwater portion of your utility bill up to 45%.
  • Our drainage study provides us with an understanding of the impacts future redevelopment and intensification has on drainage and water quality.
  • We all play an important role when it comes to protecting our water resources. Learn what we do to protect waterways and what you can do at home or at your place of business.
  • Our stormwater does not run through a sewage treatment plant - it goes striaght into the natural environment. That's why it's important to report a spill immediately, whether you witness or cause one.
  • Frequently asked questions about stormwater management in our community.