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A forest

Trees are one of our most precious natural resources. They enrich our lives, and provide a range of social, ecological and economic benefits. The City of Waterloo is committed to protecting and supporting our trees. Our urban forest policy and program outline what we do to maintain and improve municipal trees.

Municipal tree regulations

Trees located on city property, including in public parks and greenspaces, trails and along our streets, are our responsibility. Public trees are protected by the public tree by-law, which says that city trees must not be damaged or destroyed, and cannot be cut down, uprooted, topped or harmed in anyway both above and below ground.

If you believe someone is violating the street tree by-law and would like to file a complaint, please contact us online or by calling 519-747-8785. For after-hour calls or on weekends, call the Waterloo Regional Police Service at 519-570-9770 and ask for dispatch. They will send one of our enforcement officers to investigate

If works are planned around public trees or private trees, please visit digging around trees to ensure protection of the sensitive root structure below ground.

Municipal tree services

  • Removal of hazardous and dead trees
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Planting
  • Disease and pest diagnosis
  • After-hours emergency services (for example, if a tree is damaged in a storm)

To report a damaged city tree, call 519-886-2310 or 519-579-9557 for after-hours emergencies. It is against the law for you to cut, trim or remove a city tree.