Water and environment

Water billing and accounts

Open or make changes to a water account, sign up for online billing, and view options for bill payment.

Water quality

Learn how to identify and respond to water quality problems, and find out more about how the city maintains a safe drinking water system.

Water meters

Use this page to report a broken meter and find out more about our advanced meter installation program.

Water certificates

Water certificates show outstanding balances on water accounts. They are often requested during the sale or purchase of a property.

Manage grading and drainage on your property

Learn how to maintain good drainage on your property, how to deal with water on your property and solve issues with water flowing from neighbouring properties.

Stormwater management

Apply for the stormwater credit program and learn how we work to reduce the impact of runoff into creeks, ponds and wetlands.

Watermains and valves

Learn more about watermain flushing, how to report a watermain break, and where the water valve is located on your property. Apply to alter a watermain for a development project.

Sewers and wastewater

Report a sewer blockage and learn what to do if pipes need to be repaired. Additional info on rebates for wastewater diversion.

Backflow prevention

Learn more about the backflow prevention program, including survey forms, accredited testers, permit applications and applicable fees.


Learn how to get involved with stewardship activities and find out what the city is doing to reduce its environmental impact.

Trees and yards

Report damage and request trimming for city-owned trees, learn more about ash tree replacement, tree care tips, and yard maintenance standards.

Boulevard gardens

Learn about planning and maintaining your boulevard or cul-de-sac island garden. Call before you dig!