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Water Conservation

A boy drinking water

Water is one of our most precious natural resources. The City of Waterloo encourages you to protect it and conserve it.

Checking for leaks

  • Check for water leaks in your home periodically by recording your water meter readings late at night and the following morning
  • Compare the two readings to see if water leaked overnight
  • If there is a leak, track down the source and have it repaired
  • If your water meter has a triangular dial beside the numbers that records the water being used, watch it while there is no water running in your house - if it is moving, you have a water leak
  • Pick up a leak detection kit from a plumbing store to test your toilet if you think it may be leaking

The average household uses 21 cubic metres of water each month.

More information

The Region of Waterloo's website has lots of "water-wise" information on everything from replacing toilets and watering lawns, to rain harvesting and naturescaping.

Be sure to follow the Region of Waterloo's watering schedule.