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Yellow Fish Road

A boy drinking water

The City of Waterloo partners with Trout Unlimited Canada to present the Yellow Fish Road program.

Under this initiative, volunteer participants paint yellow fish symbols beside road storm drains and distribute educational leaflets to homes within the neighbourhood. By participating in this program, your group can help protect local water bodies by creating awareness about stormwater pollution.

This program runs mid April until the end of October and is geared to youth groups ages seven and up. Prior to your painting activity, consider including our complimentary 20 minute presentation using an interactive stormwater model which demonstrates how road storm drains are linked to local water bodies (available Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Anything that goes down road storm drains - including road salt, dirt, household chemicals and fertilizer - affects our water quality as it goes directly to local creeks and lakes untreated. This illustration helps explain how storm drains connect with the stormwater system.

Yellow Fish Road program resources


Photo Gallery: Yellow Fish Road will appear here on the public site.