Products and services

Following provincial rules attendance at burial services has no outdoor limit and The Chapel has 30 a person capacity with masks and physical distancing required.

The cemetery office will be open with a 2 person limit. Call 519-725-9280 during business hours to book an appointment.

Find fees and general descriptions for various interment options and dedication features available at our cemetery locations.

Our professional staff are here to talk through options to memorialize your loved one. While we have general info on this page, it's best to contact cemetery staff for full details.

They're available at 519-725-9280, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit for cemetery services.

Casket interment options

Traditional lots are available at Mount Hope Cemetery and Parkview Cemetery and cost between $2,175 to $4,920 for a single lot. Double lots range from $4,350 to $8,000. These prices do not include taxes or a monument. Details of the lot and what's included can be discussed with our cemetery staff. There are specific sections of our cemeteries reserved for different faith groups.

Cremation interment options

Cremation walls and lots are offered at Parkview Cemetery. They start at $500/person in the scatter gardens area to lots ranging from $1,375 to 6,500 for two urns and $2,000 to $6,795 for four urns.

Bronze memorials

Bronze memorials are used for lawn level monuments on traditional lots, cremation lots, cremation walls and memorial pathways. They range in price from $994 to $2,390. The price includes tax, installation and lawn maintenance. Bronze vases or candle rings are available in a variety of colour and custom style.

Memorial dedication program

Our memorial dedication program allows your family to express the memory of your loved one in a personalized way. Prices range from $925 to $3,166 and the program is guaranteed for 20 years.

You can choose a memorial bench with a 12” x 4” bronze plaque on the back seat with a personalized inscription. A granite bench is also available. We reserve the right to relocate the memorial bench trees.

The memorial tree option allows you to remember your family member with an established tree in Parkview Cemetery with a 8” x 6” bronze memorial plaque placed on granite at the base of the tree with a personalized inscription.

The infant and child memorial is a bronze statue of a boy and girl riding a tricycle. A 12” x 4” personalized bronze plaque commemorates an infant or child.

Green burials

Green burials provide a natural means of caring for the deceased with minimal environmental consequences. The site is located in a natural setting, allowing wildflowers and grasses to grow. Human remains naturally decompose in the earth with minimal use of the environmental resources or adding any foreign elements to the earth.

Sensitivity to the protection of the eco-system of the interment area is essential. No formal maintenance will be performed in the green burial section other than periodic removal of invasive plant species. Visitation is permitted and encouraged along an exterior pathway. There are certain criteria that are outlined within cemetery by-laws that allow for burial in this section:

  1. No embalming: human remains are prepared for green burial without embalming or the presence of polymer implants or other non-naturally occurring elements.
  2. Direct earth burial: shrouded remains can be placed into a casket or alternative form of container, where the casket or container is composed of sustainable and fully biodegradable materials.
  3. As per cemetery by-law, grave liners or protective vaults are not permitted in the green burial section.

Parkview Cemetery’s green burial section has approved by-laws that capture the spirit of the green burial practice and creates measures that help define and protect this landscape. Cemetery  staff are pleased to provide additional information on green burial options and associated costs of interment rights ownership.

The City of Waterloo holds a Cemetery and Crematorium Operators licence (number 3308029) for Parkview and Mount Hope cemeteries. For more information download a printable version of our full price list (PDF) or visit the Bereavement Authority of Ontario's Consumer Information Guide.