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Top Reasons to Live Here

A street with houses

This article is reprinted, with permission, from the 2009 edition of Watch magazine, a publication of the David Johnston Research and Technology Park.

Communitech's Top 10

It started with a community: An ever-growing accumulation of technology expertise in business and academics approaching critical mass. It evolved to a need: A desire for a place to voice and share the ups and downs - the joys and heartaches of a new sector's rise.

When the need for a common sounding ground became acute, a group of CEOs from the tech community gathered together to conceptualize a vision of what they wanted. That vision became today's Communitech.

After a decade of tremendous growth, Communitech moves into decade number two committed to the spirit of their beginnings. In everything they do, their response is based on delivering what the tech community needs in the ways that make sense. What does that mean? A lot of listening and a lot of action.

Communitech's exhaustive research into the Kitchener-Waterloo area returned more than just the plain facts. In addition to a low unemployment rate and a GDP of $21.5 billion of which $13 billion arises from the tech sector, the region is - simply put - a great place to live. Have a look at their top 10 reasons to live here.

It's ready-made for outside living

  • There are more than 3,000 acres of parks and six conservation areas
  • The region boasts 22 golf courses
  • The Grand River is the world's best managed waterway

You can get "there" from "here"

  • The local airport is international and offers several flights to many destinations
  • It's a one-hour drive to Canada's busiest airport, Toronto Pearson International
  • Pending traffic, it's a one-hour drive to downtown Toronto

The area offers urban and country living

  • Trendy lofts, revitalized warehouse districts and new buildings in downtown cores
  • Three urban core locations (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo)
  • Suburban neighbourhoods - old and new
  • Rural country settings minutes from town complete with a thriving Mennonite community
  • Eighty per cent of residents live within a 30-minute drive to work

It's a high-tech haven

  • Over 500 tech companies are located in Waterloo region including RIM, Google, IBM and more

World's Top Intelligent Community

Affordable living

  • Inexpensive housing
  • Comparative salaries and wages to Ottawa and Toronto
  • Highly competitive cost of living

Access to world-class education

Opportunities for you and your family

  • Opportunities for you to partner in tech, insurance, not-for-profit, education and service businesses
  • Over 30 minor sports organizations in the region as well as music, arts, drama, museums and more

Cultural festivals and creative spaces

  • The region is home to more than 60 arts, culture and heritage festivals and galleries

It's all here

  • Cool jobs. Hot technology. Top companies. What more could you ask for?