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20 Minute Makeover

The 20 Minute Makeover event takes place on or around Earth Day (April 22) at 2 p.m. We encourage businesses and schools to step outside for just 20 minutes to clean-up litter around your property. See the difference 20 minutes can make when we work together in the spirit of Earth Day!

Beginning in February, teams of 10 or more are invited to register their 20 Minute Makeover event with the City of Waterloo to be counted and get free clean-up supplies. Register online or complete this form no later than April 19.

Thank you

The 20 minute makeover event is sponsored by the litter reduction task force, City of Kitchener and City of Waterloo.

An overview of the 2017 event shows what we can accomplish when we work together to improve our environment!

Photo Gallery: 20 Minute Makeover will appear here on the public site.