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Asset Management Plan

Scene of Uptown Waterloo at night

On Nov. 14, 2016, council received a corporate asset management report and approved a corporate management plan. This report is comprehensive and contained recommendations to further advance the City of Waterloo's asset management activities.

In May of 2017, the city's asset management program won the CNAM Tereo Award, which recognizes excellence in developing and implementing asset management approaches and significant improvements in business performance through the use of asset management tools and techniques or approaches. In August, 2017, the city received the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Gas Tax Award for its asset management system. This award is given each year to municipal governments that utilize the federal Gas Tax Fund for projects that make a difference in the community by addressing local needs, creating economic growth or achieving environmental outcomes. More information about the City of Waterloo asset management system is captured in this AMO short video.


The City of Waterloo is responsible for a variety of complex infrastructure that support our ability to provide a range of services to the community including transportation, wastewater collection, water distribution, stormwater collection, forestry management, parks and playgrounds, fire services, municipal bylaw enforcement, recreational and cultural programming and city planning and design. In order to understand infrastructure needs and support the development of long-term strategies to ensure the services the city provides are sustainable in the years to come, the city developed a comprehensive asset management plan that included all the city's assets including forests, parks, stormwater management, parking, fleet, fire services equipment, facilities, furniture and fixtures, information technology and lands. As part of this comprehensive asset management plan, a water distribution master plan was also prepared. 

Public engagement

Community input to the corporate asset management plan was obtained during the following public information centres.