Budget 2023

Budget 2023 aims to build a strong and sustainable community – together. 

The approved property tax increase is 5.45% – an average cost of $76 per household.

Property tax and utility rates
  • find proposed tax and utility rates
  • compare our increases to inflation
  • find rates from other local cities
Spending and saving priorities
  • find major spending items included in the 'operating' and 'capital' budget
  • learn how we're saving and finding efficiencies to keep taxes lower
Timelines and feedback
  • find out when the budget gets proposed and approved
  • provide feedback about the budget
How the budget works
  • find out about the budget process
  • learn how we decide where to spend
  • watch our budget explainer video
Documents, reports and plans
  • download full text budget documents
  • includes council reports, business plans and capital worksheets
Past budgets
  • find documents from the past budget cycle (2020-22)
  • request documents from older budgets