City staff

We're a dedicated team who apply leadership, enthusiasm, skill and integrity in providing needed and valued services that help build the best quality of life possible for all of our citizens. Contact info is available in our corporate directory.

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  1. Corporate mission
  2. Corporate vision
  3. Staff structure
  4. CAO's office
  5. Community service
  6. Corporate service
  7. Integrated planning and public works

Corporate mission

The Corporation of the City of Waterloo is committed to supporting sustainable growth, equity, and an inclusive, vibrant community through the delivery of service excellence. We are supported in this effort through a team of volunteers, staff and elected officials that share a commitment to fiscal responsibility, healthy and safe workplace, effective engagement, and personal leadership.

Corporate vision

Waterloo is an equitable community that leads the world in learning, discovery and caring.

Staff structure

  • the chief administrative officer (CAO) oversees all departments and advises city council
  • each department is led by a commissioner, who oversees several divisions
  • commissioners and the CAO form the corporate management team

CAO's office

Tim Anderson is the city's CAO. He provides leadership to the organization and supports organizational effectiveness. Divisions in the CAO's office include:

  • Economic development

Community services

Mark Dykstra is the commissioner of community services and deputy CAO. Divisions in community services include:

  • Community programming and outreach services 
  • Environment and parks
  • Facility design and management services
  • Fire rescue services
  • Municipal enforcement services
  • Recreation services

Corporate services

The commissioner of corporate services is Filipa Reynolds. Divisions in corporate services include:

  • Communications
  • Finance
    • Financial Planning and Asset Management/CFO
    • Revenue and Accounting/City Treasurer
  • Human resources
  • Information management & technology services
  • Legislative services
  • Legal services
  • Fleet & procurement

Integrated planning & public works (IPPW)

The commissioner of IPPW is Ron Ormson. Divisions in IPPW include:

  • Building standards
  • Engineering services
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • City utilities