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An intersection and buildings

The City of Waterloo's by-law team proactively enforces our parking rules and regulations. There is a variety of parking available throughout Waterloo, both free and paid, and we encourage you to review your options before parking to avoid getting a ticket.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

  • Own an electric vehicle? Now you can park/charge it in the Waterloo Town Square North lot.
  • Drivers must pay $1 per hour to charge the vehicle.
  • Use of the charging station is subject to all other parking regulations including time limits, overnight parking exemptions and snow bans.
  • Visit PlugShare to search for EV charging stations in Waterloo Region.

Parking during the day

  • Enjoy free two-hour parking in several locations in uptown Waterloo.
  • Parking is free every evening and weekend with no time restrictions in several locations in uptown Waterloo.

Longer stay paid parking with HonkMobile

  • Need to park longer than two hours? Buy more time online with HonkMobile!
  • If you are shopping or dining in uptown Waterloo and can't get to your car before the two-hour free parking has expired, you can buy more time online at a rate of $2.75 per hour with the help of a mobile-friendly app.

Overnight parking

  • Need to park on the street overnight? Hosting visitors for the weekend but no room in the driveway? 
  • Each licence plate is allowed to park overnight for free, 15 times each year, as long as the vehicle has been registered.

Park It and Leave It

  • If you are enjoying the nightlife in uptown Waterloo and need a place to leave your car because you do not want to drive home, you can Park It and Leave It.
  • Each licence plate is allowed to park overnight for free, 15 times each year in designated parking lots uptown, as long as the vehicle has been registered


  • If you believe someone is violating the parking by-laws and would like to file a complaint, please contact us online or by calling (519) 747-8785 (Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) or (519) 570- 9777 (after-hours).

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