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Residential Rental Licences

A row of houses

The City of Waterloo's residential rental housing licensing by-law (no. 2011-047) give us the ability to manage low-rise residential rental housing in the city. It balances the needs of property owners with those of residents looking for safe, adequate and properly maintained rental accommodation, while limiting the impact of large rental housing units on residential neighbourhoods.

Who needs a licence?

Under this program, landlords must apply for a licence if they are renting out a low-rise residential property in Waterloo. In most cases, rental units are not permitted to have more than four bedrooms. Please review the schedules attached to the residential rental housing by-law to determine the type of licence class required.

The licence must be renewed annually. The licence is not transferable. The new property owner must apply for a new licence, which includes following the process outlined below.

What does it cost?

Application fees are based on the licence class required for your property and the number of months that the licence is valid for. This fee is calculated at the time of application. We accept cash, debit, cheque or money order for in-person applications. Please make your cheque or money order payable to the City of Waterloo. We encourage applicants to apply online.

What documents do I need for a new application?

If you want to apply for a new licence, the required documents are listed below. For yearly renewals, you will receive a notice that will set out the required documents.

Learn more about the required supporting documents to complete your application.

How do I apply?

Once you have collected the required documentation, you can apply online.

Only completed applications, including all supporting documents, will be processed. If you would like to see a sample licence application package email


If you believe someone is violating the residential rental housing licensing by-law and would like to file a complaint email