Building permits

City hall is closed on December 24 at 12 p.m. and reopens January 4. Permit applications submitted online or via email prior to January 1 will be reviewed for completeness by staff within 2 business days after reopening on January 4.
Permits that are complete will be reviewed based on the 2021 OBC regulations and the 2021 permit fee rates will apply, provided the building permit fees are paid within 2 business days following notification of outstanding fees.

General building info

Find all building permit timelines and fees. Book an inspection and find out what projects don't require a permit.


Permits are needed if you're altering a deck that previously had a permit, if it's 24 inches or more above ground, or if it has a roof.

Sheds + detached garages

Permits are required if you're constructing a detached garage or shed with plumbing, or if it is going to be larger than 10 sq.m.

Renovations + basements

Permits are required if you add bedrooms, alter walls, or change plumbing - including completing rough-ins.

New homes + additions

Permits are required for new homes or additions. Additional planning or engineering approval may be needed.

Multi-unit residential + non-residential

Permits are required for multi-residential building with 4+ units, and for various types of non-residential buildings. 


Permits are required to destroy a building, or part of one. Residential buildings must receive prior demolition control approval.

Solar panels

Permits are required if mounted panels are larger than 5 sq.m, if they provide heating, or their weight exceeds structural capacity.


Permits are required for individual/groups of tents larger than 60 sq.m, or attached to a building, or assembled close to other buildings.