Neighbourhood events are terrific ways to build connections with your neighbours. For help planning a neighbourhood event, check out the helpful how-to guides and connect with

Looking for event inspiration? Check out some ideas listed below:

 Host a progressive dinner party
Recruit interested neighbours and plan a travelling dinner party. Start at one house for appetizers, move to another for soup, and keep the fun moving from house to house! For more information on planning a progressive dinner party, check out this helpful article. 
 Throw a porch party
Good times and great music are even better when enjoyed with neighbours! Recruit local musicians for a concert or even host a neighbourhood talent show for a fun outdoor event.
 Plan an outdoor movie night
Neighbours, an age-friendly movie, and popcorn, all combine for a great event. Work with the neighbourhoods team to plan an outdoor movie night in your community. Engage with your neighbours to pick a movie that appeals to everyone. 
 Host a food-centered event
Food brings people together! Invite neighbours to a potluck, picnic, or barbeque. When planning to serve food, make sure you are being safe and following health guidelines. Consider notifying neighbours to bring an ingredient list for their dish. Also, make sure the food is inclusive for all neighbours attending. 
 Plan a grand opening party
Has your community recently installed an art project, playground, or another placemaking feature? Host a grand opening party to celebrate the new addition to your neighbourhood.
 Organize a bike rodeo
Promote bike safety, physical activity, and encourage youth involvement in the community. To learn more about hosting a Bike Rodeo, visit CAA’s page.
 Host a sporting event
Get active and connected. Host an amazing race, neighbourhood Olympics, or a sports tournament!
Organize a workshop or learning session
There are many opportunities for neighbours to learn and grow together. Consider hosting events like, a gardening workshop, a session focused on diversity and inclusion, or a skill-sharing afternoon where neighbours can share their unique talents with a group. 
Accessible trick-or-treating
With a little effort it's easy to coordinate inclusive opportunities for participation. Consider developing a map of neighbourhood spaces that will offer goods accessible to people with disabilities.  
Plan a neighbourhood craft
Gather with neighbours and get creative. Some craft ideas include: paintings, welcome signs, door mats, bird feeders, and window decorations. 
Host a games night
Whether in-person or virtual, games are a fun way to bring neighbours together. 
Organize a neighbourhood clean up
Work with neighbours to clean up litter from around your neighbourhood.