There are many different ways to get involved in Waterloo neighbourhoods. Check out the links below for details on different programs and information on how to get involved and develop connections with your neighbours. 

Artist in Neighbourhoods 

Collaborate with local artists and neighbours to develop a community art project in your neighbourhood. 

Gathering Spaces

Find information about spaces to gather across Waterloo. 

Outdoor Rinks

This page features information on Waterloo’s outdoor rinks, how to volunteer, how to start a new rink, and rules for outdoor rinks.

Block Connectors

Learn more about Waterloo’s block connector program and apply to help build connections in your neighbourhood.

How-To Guides

Check out various how-to guides to help neighbours plan projects, events, and activities in Waterloo.


Get inspired and learn how to start a placemaking project in your Waterloo neighbourhood.

Community Gardens

Find out how to get involved in community vegetable gardens or start your own in Waterloo.

Nominate Kind Neighbours

This page features information about the Neighbourhood Kindness Program and details on how to nominate your neighbours.

Volunteer Recognition

Learn about volunteer recognition events, ideas for how to recognize volunteers in your community, and volunteer awards available in the Waterloo Region.

Community Organizations

Learn about community organizations that support residents wellbeing.