The Neighbourhood Matching Fund (NMF) supports projects that help neighbours develop connections, foster a sense of belonging, and create placemaking. Groups of two or more neighbours may apply for up to $7500 in matched funds to support their idea. 

How to apply

Follow these easy steps to complete the application: 

  1. Work together with two or more neighbours to brainstorm an event or project that will help form neighbourhood connections. 
  2. Reach out to staff to chat about your idea and learn more about the application process by emailing
  3. Consider your match. Connect with neighbours to get involvement through volunteer hours and other contributions.
  4. Complete the online application before the deadline.

Application deadlines

2023 deadlines to apply for the NMF are: 

  • February 16 (now closed)
  • May 31 (now closed)
  • October 17

Applications are due before 2 p.m. We won’t consider late applications.

Apply now!

Application guidelines

Groups can apply for up to $7,500 in matched funds. For every $1 you request, you must give $1 in volunteer labour, donated services, materials, or cash.

The online application form allows you to save answers and return to the application later. You will answer questions about your idea, who is involved, show community support, and complete a budget form. For help with your application, read the step-by-step Applying for a Neighbourhood Matching Fund toolkit.

Before submitting your application, contact to discuss your idea.

What makes an application eligible?

Applications are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • Application is submitted by two or more neighbours.
  • Idea focuses on place-making for spaces and events that are inclusive and bring neighbours together.
  • Project is neighbourhood-based (not city wide) and within Waterloo city limits.
  • Food costs do not represent more than half of the total project budget.
  • Capital projects are open, inclusive, and have limited restrictions on community use.
  • Idea can be completed within one year of funding.
  • Groups can provide at least 25% of the funds matched from them, such as volunteer hours.

This grant does not support:

  • ongoing operating costs 
  • projects that have already started
  • applications with one individual
  • organizations that are not neighbourhood-based
  • ideas that are not neighbourhood-based

The full Neighbourhood Matching Fund policy is available through visiting the City's corporate polices. We encourage you to connect with us at to discuss eligibility prior to writing a grant application. 

Hear from past applicants

“We received many emails and comments from people saying what an amazing party it was as well as volunteering to help at future events.”  –Sugarbush North neighbourhood street party

“Many familiar and new faces came out and we got to meet some newer neighbours! Associations that would not otherwise mingle together were able to discuss ways of increasing communication and pooling resources.” -Beechwood Bunny Brigade

 “The message board has helped connect people to our neighbourhood and to our events. Already it has helped create a central focal point for our community groups.” –Lakeshore North community message board