Find in-ground or above-ground options for cremated remains, including traditional burial lots, scattering gardens, niches and more.

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In-ground options

In-ground final resting places at Parkview include:

Traditional casket burial lots

A traditional lot can accommodate 1 casket and up to 6 cremated remains per grave. This includes:

  • single grave lots (1 casket, 6 cremations)
  • double grave lots (2 caskets side by side, 12 cremations)
  • three grave lots (3 caskets, 18 cremations)
  • four graves lots (4 caskets, 24 cremations)

Visit our traditional casket burial page for more details.

Cremation lots

We have a variety of gardens for in-ground burials of cremated remains. 

Green burial lots

A green burial lot can hold 1 traditional burial and up to 4 cremations/lot. Visit our green burials page for details.

Above-ground options

Above-ground options for cremated remains include:

Burial in a columbarium wall

Parkview has a variety of spaces or 'niches' for cremated remains. These hold 2 cremations in each space.

'Columbarium' niches are outdoor permanent structures above ground. Other niches are located indoors in our chapel. 

Scattering gardens

You have the opportunity to choose an area within the different scattering gardens. All locations are filled with plants, flowers and surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Our staff remove the garden mulch and the family combines the cremated remains with the earth.

Monuments and markers

There are options for monuments and markers depending on the type of garden. It is recommended that you contact our staff to review your options.

Traditional casket burial lots

Upright and pillow monuments, or lawn-level markers in granite or bronze, depending on the type of garden.

Memorial path or water feature lot

Ground level plaque or inscription options.

Columbariums of different styles

  • the type of memorial depends on the type of columbarium
  • staff can help with options for wall plaques or scrolls


Common costs for cremated remains include:

  • cremation fees
  • the burial lot or other final resting place
  • a marker or monument
  • installation and maintenance fees

There are many options for these different items based on the type of final resting place and other factors.

Download the full price list or contact our staff below to review your options.

Download price list (PDF)

Contact us

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Our office is located at Parkview Cemetery at 335 University Avenue East.