The pandemic situation is rapidly changing in our community. Visit our COVID-19 page for the latest updates on changes to city services. New bookings for facility rentals are on hold until further notice.  

Waterloo has eight indoor ice pads at four different facilities. Most are available for rent throughout the year.

All have free parking and accept cash, debit and credit. Check our cancellations page to make sure the ice pads are operating as usual.

There are also a number of outdoor rinks in neighbourhoods and public spaces across the city.

On this page

  1. COVID-19 safety procedures
  2. Register online for skating
  3. Skating schedule
  4. Special skates
  5. Power skating clinics
  6. Fees, rules and equipment

COVID-19 safety procedures

To come inside a recreation centre you need to show proof of vaccination or a valid exemption, fill out a screening form and provide contact info.

1. Proof of vaccination or valid exemption

You must show proof of vaccination or have a valid exemption to come inside.

Read full vaccine and exemption rules

2. Complete screening and provide contact info

Each person coming inside must complete a health screening form on the same day as your activity. This will include contact info for tracing purposes.

Activity participants

Activity participants must complete a PDF form.

This can be done through:

We will help you complete screening at the door if you don't have a device or forgot to do it.

Spectators, parents/guardians and visiting teams

Spectators, parents/guardians, and members of visiting teams (including their parents/guardians and spectators) must complete a paper form for screening and contact tracing.

We will provide these at the door.

3. Wait outside entrance to be greeted

A staff member will greet you at the marked entrance to confirm proof vaccination/exemption and completion of screening.

Entrance locations and map

Participants should arrive dressed for their activity and line up outside the facility Entrance A per the map below. Participants must follow all floor marking and signage.

RIM Park facilities map

Important info for using indoor rinks, gym and fieldhouse

  1. Food concessions are not available at this time.
  2. Dressing rooms are only available for ice users.
  3. Washrooms are available but are not to be used as dressing rooms.
  4. Warm ups are not permitted in any common areas of the facility.
  5. Guardians must remain in the designated activity space and wear masks.
  6. Players are only allowed to remove masks while playing.
  7. Participants must ensure physical distancing is maintained on players benches.
  8. No participant or guardian shall spit or blow their nose freely anywhere in the facility.
  9. If using ice, please leave the playing surface immediately after buzzer sounds.
  10. Ensure all equipment is picked up in advance of the buzzer sounding to enable an immediate exit.
  11. Participants are encouraged to fill water bottles before arriving.
  12. Groups must be adequately equipped with their own first aid supplies.

Skating and adult shinny registration

Skating schedule

All participants must pre-register online. All skates take place at the RIM Park location.

The City of Waterloo skate schedule will resume in late February.  Registration for programs will continue to be online through ActiveWaterloo and PickupHub.

Special skates

There are no special skates at this time.

Power skating clinics

The City of Waterloo will be operating the annual August Power Skating program in 2022.  Registration opens March 9 on ActiveWaterloo; please review the details of each level as changes have occurred to age groupings and skill expectations.  Any questions related to power skating can be sent to

Fees, rules and equipment

Skating fees

This chart outlines single admission costs and multiple visit costs using our FitPass. FitPasses can be purchased at skating facilities or online using ActiveWaterloo.

 Age category


10 visits

Child and youth (3 to 17)



Adult (18 to 54)



Family* (up to four people)



Additional family member



Parent and child**



Seniors (55+)



*Family admission includes two adults and two children - a maximum of four people. Additional family members are $2.40 per person. Parents must be with children when using the pass. Maximum three extra children. **During the school year, children must be 13 or younger. In July and August, children must be eight or younger.

Skate rentals

Our facilities do not offer ice skate rentals. Local businesses have a number of rental options.

Skating aids

We have wheelchair skates (skis that attach to a wheelchair) available at RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex and WMRC. We recommend calling ahead to the facility reserve them.

We don’t rent or provide other skate aids (such as push bars) at our facilities. They are permitted at the Facility operators discretion if you bring your own.

Skating rules

Be considerate of others by continually moving along the boards and keeping speed under control. Strollers are only permitted on ice during parent and child skates at the facility operators' discretion.

No food or drinks permitted on the ice and skates must be worn at all times. You cannot carry children while skating or pull sleighs. You cannot skate at excessive speeds or cut in and out of people while skating. Playing tag or rough play like pushing or pulling is not allowed.

We strongly recommend that CSA-approved safety equipment (including head, eye and facial protection) be worn by on-ice participants during all skating programs.